Why Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to Water?

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Of all the wasp species on the planet, we find that, when it comes to pest control, yellow jackets are among the most common here in Texas. They are an aggressive, social wasp known to swarm, track their targets and sting in quick succession to take down their prey. Unfortunately, they have no sense of scale. Yellow jackets are known to swarm and attack humans, who are obviously many times their size.

You’ll notice that yellow jackets are attracted to water. If you have standing water in your yard, near a shed or by an outbuilding near your home, these wasps are quick to converge and form a colony. Before long, you could be overrun by wasps. Something must be done.

Why Yellow Jackets Are Attracted to Water

It’s quite simple as to why yellow jackets are attracted to water. It’s because of their biology. These wasps are not equipped to consume solid food matter. They typically suck the nectar from plants or drink water and other liquids from the ground. You’ll notice that yellow jackets tend to hover over a water source. They then lower themselves close enough to take a few quick sips and move on before any predator can attack.

Essentially, water is a source of energy for wasps. They collect what they can, consuming a bit for themselves, then return to their nest with the excess. Despite their attraction to water, wasps typically prefer sugary liquids, as sugar provides more energy. That’s why, during a cookout, you’ll notice yellow jackets attracted to soda cans above all else.

Learn More About Yellow Jackets

  • Yellow jackets are pollinators. They’re not the best, like bumblebees, but being a pollinator means they’re attracted to flowers found in your yard.
  • Anything sweet-smelling, like a can of soda or a cup of juice, left in your yard will attract wasps.
  • Yellow jackets tend to be more attracted to a whole garden than a lone flower. They’re fond of consuming garden-damaging pests, making them somewhat beneficial to your flowerbeds.
  • Yellow jackets are predatory insects. They hunt arachnids, which can be nice if you’re terrified of spiders or have an infestation in your yard. However, you may be trading one pest for another.
  • If you have a deck, steps or outbuilding with any point of entry, yellow jackets will find said entry and start building a nest.

Controlling the yellow jacket population within your yard or home can be troublesome. It’s important that, when you notice a problem starting to form, to take action immediately. The sooner you can schedule professional pest control, the better off you’ll be. Unfortunately, the larger the colony, the more difficult it is to treat and remove altogether.

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