Sentricon Termite Protection

Of all the pests plaguing North Texas homes, none are quite as fearsome or worrisome as wood-destroying termites. At NTX Best Pest, we use advanced termite treatment to help protect your home year-round.

On average, termites cause around $5 billion in property damage each year. The average homeowner spends around $3,000 to repair the damage caused by these pests. There must be an easier, more cost-effective way.

NTX Best Pest is proud to announce that we’re now offering Sentricon Termite Protection. Sentricon has been called the number one brand in termite protection for homeowners in North Texas. This is a product that lives up to its name.

Home Termite Treatment

With an average of 5 million homes infested by termites each year, something has to give. By using Sentricon, you’re investing in your home. Sentricon Termite Protection uses scientifically-engineered bait that enters the food chain of the termite colony. This bait is then brought directly to the queen and the rest of the colony, where is decimates everything.

Results That Work

One of the key features of Sentricon is that is starts to work immediately. Once the bait station is found by the termites, you’ll notice that the pests begin to falter and fall.

With termites, there can be no room for error. You need the job done right the first time. Sentricon has helped over four million homes across the country live termite-free after an infestation. Now, with the help of NTX Best Pest, we want to make sure you don’t fall victim to a termite colony in North Texas.

For Sentricon Termite Protection and termite pest control services in North Texas, be sure to call NTX Best Pest.

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