Attic Insulation & Restoration Services

Over time the insulation in your attic breaks down, degrades and most commonly can be soiled with rodent feces, urine and trails. This can put increased wear and tear on your A/C and heater as they try and keep up with your temperature demands. Replacing your insulation will allow your HVAC system to function more efficiently as well as it will lower your heating and cooling costs. Our professional insulation installers will completely remove all insulation and debris from your attic and install new cellulose or foam insulation to keep your home and family protected and comfortable.

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What you need to know about Attic Insulation

It is important to understand what attic insulation does for your home and your family. Due to insulation being positioned at the top of your home, it acts as your protection against the outside elements, maintains heat or cold and keeps unwanted toxins and other environmental effects away from your family.

As insulation wears or is affected by other factors, it can cause allergies, mold and can cause your HVAC system to be much less effective. If left unaddressed, these factors can cause your family to get sick, have increased allergies and can decrease the structural integrity of your home. Keeping your attic insulation maintained can also have dramatic effects in lowering your heating and cooling costs and improving your families well-being.

Pest & Rodent Impacts

Rats, Mice, Squirrels and even Raccoons consider your home a warm, cozy place to make their own. Rodent insulation damage is one of the biggest concerns here in North Texas especially during our cooler winter months when rodent invasions increase. Rodents prefer safe and sheltered environments, your attic being the perfect place to do just that as the insulation provides them with an easy place to create a nest. Its warm and can be moved around very easily by virtually any rodent. Once a nest is established and the rodent has made your attic their home, a colony or rodents is sure to follow leading to even more damage. Rodent colonies can not only cause insulation damage but they are notorious for chewing through wires, pipes and wood. Their teeth never stop growing so they must constantly gnaw to keep them grinded down. Whether an infestation is current or old, replacing the damaged insulation is critical.

Energy Consumption

Fall and Winter months in Texas bring in cooler temperatures which is when your insulation is working powerfully to regulate the temperature in your home, keeping the cold out and the heat in. When summer comes, your insulation protects you from the blazing heat by keeping your house cool and your A/C from working to hard. When insulation is in need of replacement you can feel the consequences in a house that has a fluctuating and irregular temperatures as well as a increase in your homes energy bill. Damaged or Old insulation can significantly contribute to your homes overall energy efficiency and you may not even know it.

An immediate sign that your attic insulation is not doing its job is the appearance of drafts. You could notice a warm or cool draft of air in your upstairs rooms or a room that is surrounded by attic space. The second place is your utility bill. If you think you are experiencing with higher than average energy bulls, there is a very good chance that it has a lot to do with the quality of your insulation.