Rodent Control and Prevention

Keeping your home free of rodents can be hard to do especially during the fall and winter months when temperatures are dropping, and food sources can become scarce. Although rodent control is a year-round problem this is the most common time when rodents are trying to get into your home in search for a warm place to nest and to find a new food supply.

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The Process

Inspect & Identify –pest inspect house 1 We will complete a full inspection of your home to find any access points and identify which species have decided to infest your home so we can use specific techniques to trap and remove any rodents.


Scheduled Check Ups – In the weeks following your inspection and first service, our Rodent Removal Experts will revisit your home to re-inspect any access points that have been blocked and to check any traps and rodent stations.   We will remove any trapped rodents, refresh all stations and continue to monitor the access points for future activities as well as check for additional access points

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There are more than 2,230 identified species of rodents in the United States which makes up more than 40% of the entire mammal population. The three most common rodents that we find infesting homes in our area are Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice.

These three rodents are considered “major pests” because they are normally found nesting near dwellings in suburban areas which makes your home a key target for a warm area to make home with ample food supplies.  Rats and Mice can be a health hazard to humans due to the diseases they can carry and transmit through scratching, biting, droppings and urine that can contaminate our food and water.


Both rats and mice can transmit a variety of disease through their droppings, urine and even their hair.  One mouse can produce between 40 and 100 droppings each day.  They can also bring disease carrying parasites into your home such as fleas and ticks which can then create additional infestations and health hazards.   Some people have also been known to develop allergic-type reactions to the excrements of rat and mice which can cause asthma-type systems.

These rodents are also very diligent breeders and reproduce at a rapid rate.  Just one female rat can give birth to 6 to 10 young every three weeks.  A female mouse can give birth to about 5 or 6 young every 3 to 4 weeks.  There have even been cases of female mice giving birth to up to 12 young at one time!  Due to their ability to breed very rapidly it can make controlling a rodent infestation very challenging.

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