Army Worm Control and Treatment

How To Get Rid Of Army Worms

To the common eye, these caterpillar-like worms may look like the beginning stages of a butterfly, but these pests are in the process of destroying the beautiful yard that you have spent time and money maintaining. At NTX Best Pest, we offer complete army worm extermination and prevention services to protect that amazing green grass in your yard.

Call us at 972-736-9700 to schedule your on-site army worm inspection and stop these menacing pests before it’s too late. If not treated, they can cause serious damage to your yard, leading to costly repairs or even the replacement of your grass with new sod.

How To Identify Army Worms

Here are some basic characteristics of fall army worms. Now, while they are typically called the “fall” army worm, these creatures can be a menace all year long and never have a down season. They never take time off when it comes to destroying your yard, which they can literally do overnight in some cases.

  • Army worm caterpillars have long stripes down the length of their body.
  • One stripe runs directly down the center, accompanied by a stripe on each side.
  • Hairless caterpillars typically have a base color from yellow-green to a gray or brown color.
  • There are four dark round spots on the top side of each abdominal section.
  • They range in size from 1/16 of an inch to 1 1/3 inches as the larvae mature.

Habits & Characteristics Of Army Worms

Fall army worms pass the cooler winter months as small, partially grown larvae in the dirt, soil or under debris in grassy areas such as your yard. They continue to grow and are active even during the cooler winter months, apart from very cold, freezing weather. Once the army worm is fully grown, the feeding slows down for four days. Then, they will pupate over a 15-20 day period. Adult army worms will then emerge in May or June. Females will feed on honeydew, nectar or decaying fruit before they proceed to lay eggs in mass amounts. Eggs are laid during the night hours in clusters of anywhere from 25 to 134 on grass or small grain leaves and vegetation. Just one female army worm may live as an adult for 17 days and can produce up to 2,000 eggs. Then, the cycle begins all over again.

If you think you may have identified the notorious army worm, call in the pros at NTX Best Pest for your complimentary inspection and free quote.

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