Pests Most Likely to Bug North Texas Residents in Late Autumn

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Being a homeowner is one of the most rewarding experiences. However, as a homeowner, you’ll be faced with numerous backyard pests that plague North Texas homes and beg for professional pest control services.

North Texas has its fair share of common pests, including ants and rodents — two of the most common in late autumn. Both are actively seeking food and shelter from the coming cold. As such, it’s common for both pests to make their way into your home, attic or storage shed in search of a temporary home.

Common Pests Wreaking Havoc on North Texas Homes in Late Autumn

When it comes to pests in North Texas during the late autumn, rodent control is among the most popular services offered. These rodents fall into two categories: rats and mice. Both are problematic and may find their way inside of your home before long.

Rats’ instincts are to remain warm, alive and well-fed. They’re aware of any changes to the environment, including the addition of new traps and bait. As such, once inside of your home, rats are tough to remove. They form a resistant colony in an attic, inside the walls or beneath your porch.

Similarly, mice want a food source, water and a bit of warmth. Unfortunately, mice often contaminate more food in residential homes than rats and their urine and fecal matter produce a foul odor. They’re unpleasant to deal with and tough to eradicate for good.

With more than 2,000 rodent species today, narrowing down your rodent problem is a job you want to leave to the professionals.

Other Common Pests in North Texas Homes

Of course, rodents are not the only pest plaguing residential homes in North Texas this autumn. Your yard, for example, will fall victim to countless colonies and pest families before long. These include:

  • Fire Ants — Fire ant colonies are focused around a queen, while the winged males and females, workers and brood keep the colony running and expanding. These mounds can reach up to 18 inches tall in some North Texas yards.
  • Fleas — Fleas were built to jump from target to target — most often pets. Humans are not immune to fleas, unfortunately, and they’re known to attack when aggravated or cornered.
  • Beetles — There are two common types of beetles in North Texas, including flea beetles and cucumber beetles. Both attack vegetables, underground roots and leaves.

If you suspect a pest problem in your home or yard this autumn, call NTX Best Pest. You can reach us at 972-752-6706!


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