Will an Indoor Mosquito Trap Work for Me?

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Mosquitoes are a common outdoor nuisance. Whether you’re enjoying a day by the pool or resting outside with a book, mosquitoes will take any chance to snag a quick bite. 

Did you know that you can struggle with mosquitoes indoors, too? When these outdoor pests invade your home, you may wonder if an indoor mosquito trap will keep the swarm at bay. 

In our article, we’ll let you know if an indoor mosquito trap is worth it and give you the best tips to get rid of these pests on your property. 

Why Do I Have Mosquitoes Inside? 

Sometimes even as you’re enjoying the cool air from your AC, you can’t seem to get away from these blood-sucking pests! While uncommon, mosquitoes can come inside during hot summer months and cause trouble away from the outside. 

Like us, mosquitoes head toward cool, shaded spots to escape the brutal Texas heat. When temperatures reach over 100 degrees, it’s no wonder these pests want a break from the sun!

If you prop your window open to let in a cool breeze, mosquitoes may start to head toward the draft. Without an insect screen, pests can easily drift inside. 

Do you have any visible cracks or crevices on your paneling or roof? Mosquitoes and other insects can creep in through these gaps. These pests can even sneak indoors as you hold the door open to get inside. 

If you have a garage, you may notice hoards of insects during the early morning or evening. As you open the doors to park your car, mosquitoes will fly in and become trapped. 

Can an Indoor Mosquito Trap Eliminate the Insects?

If you’re struggling with a sudden influx of mosquitoes in your home, we know that you want ways to eliminate them quickly. Getting rid of mosquitoes is no easy task, and you may want a creative solution to fix the problem. 

An outdoor mosquito trap can have some success, and homeowners typically install these traps around their decks or backyard porches. 

You can purchase many outdoor alternatives that utilize electric shocks or bait stations to encourage the mosquitoes to fly to their demise. Considering the success of some outdoor methods, an indoor mosquito trap should work to curtail the number of mosquitoes indoors. 

Unless you have a significant infestation, you shouldn’t have many pests inside, so an indoor mosquito trap could adequately protect you against the small number that has infested your home. 

Using the Perfect Indoor Mosquito Trap

You can purchase many electronic mosquito traps that will give these pests a quick zap once they venture near. While effective at quickly eliminating the insects, these options are expensive and could harm curious young children and pets. 

Other bait traps can work as indoor mosquito traps. Just add water to a bait station and place it in an area where insects regularly bite you. As the mosquitoes go to the bait and water, they will become trapped and drown in the solution.

DIY Mosquito Traps

If you want a crafty solution, there are several indoor mosquito traps you can build on your own to get rid of these pesky bugs.

Mosquito Fan Trap

You can get rid of mosquitoes by just using a regular box fan! Many homeowners already have one to help beat the Texas heat, and these products are inexpensive if you need one in a pinch. 

Orient the box fan to blow away from you, and glue, tape, or tie a window screen to the portion of the fan facing toward you. Mosquitoes flying near the fan will be sucked inwards and stick to the window screen, as seen in the video.


After you’ve caught enough mosquitoes, spray them with diluted alcohol or another solution to kill them on contact. 

Plastic Bottle Indoor Mosquito Trap

Cut off the top of a water or soda bottle. Fill the bottle with a mixture of water, sugar, and honey. 

Place the top of your bottle inside the other half. Position the opening to point down towards the mixture. Now, you can place this in areas where you’re struggling with mosquitoes and wait to catch a few. 

Because of the placement of the bottle top, mosquitoes will crawl down in the liquid mixture and drown, unable to scale the sides to reach back up. While this option may not capture hoards of mosquitoes, you can swiftly thin out a mosquito population. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this indoor mosquito trap, check out this article

How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes in my Yard?

Mosquitoes can only head indoors if they’re already populating your lawn. While they’re prevalent throughout many regions in Texas, some things may entice these pests to stick around. 

Empty all areas with standing water on your property to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent them from laying eggs. Mosquitoes deposit their eggs in clean or stagnant water and will feed on your blood to facilitate their reproduction.

If you have buckets of water, pour and clean those out to prevent new generations of mosquitoes from maturing. Keep bird baths clean or drain them if you’re struggling with increased amounts of mosquitoes.

Check any areas that may have collected rainwater to prevent the pests from breeding in hidden spaces. Look around children’s swings, toys, bikes, or trashcans to ensure the water hasn’t collected in sunken holes.

Try placing bug screens on your doors or windows to make sure these pests won’t head indoors after you’ve begun eliminating them outside.

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