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Moth Control & Prevention

Moths are very common here in Texas, and while they are not hazardous to your health, they can cause damage to your personal belongings and your pantry supply. The amount of damage they can cause really depends on the size of the infestation, but if left untreated, large populations of moths can be very costly. Want to rid your house of moths? Contact NTX Best Pest for your free home evaluation and protect your personal belongings from becoming food or nesting grounds for these pests!

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How Did Moths Get In Your House?

clothes mothsWhile there are nearly 160,000 different species of moths, the most common moths you will find in your home are the clothes moth and pantry moth, which find homes in your clothes and pantry, as the names suggest. The pantry moth, typically known as the Indian moth, will feed on your dry foods, grains, nuts, flour, seasonings and spices. Ever pulled out that suit you never wear and found a small hole in it? Clothes moths are notorious for finding their way into closets and munching down on your clothes!




Prevention & Control

pantry mothsThe best way to prevent clothes moth infestations and the damage they can cause is by not providing them with ample nesting and breeding areas. Try your best to keep wools, furs and other fabrics that are being stored for long periods in sealed containers or airtight bags.

Frequent vacuuming is an effective way to remove some larvae which are already in your home. Vacuuming areas such as baseboards, carpets, underneath couches and furniture, and inside closets can remove any feeding larvae. Never use common pesticides or insecticides on clothing, bedding or other fabrics.

Pantry moth infestations typically occur from infested items or food that is brought home from the grocery store, however, they can also find their way into your home through various openings. They find their way into dry goods such as cereals, dog food, pasta, dry fruit and other products as they are on the hunt for their next meal and breeding ground.

Ensure that you are inspecting all items that you bring home from the grocery store and even checking them before you purchase to be sure there are no tears or openings into the packaged foods. Never buy any products that are opened, resealed or have damaged packaging.

Indian moths (pantry moths) are very hard to control and treat because of the rate at which the females can lay eggs. In just a few days, an adult female can lay hundreds of eggs. In practically every case of Indian moths, professional pest control treatment is needed. Seek professional advice or treatment from NTX Best Pest to help remove the moth infestation from your home and provide you with more helpful tips for keeping them out for good.

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