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The last thing you want to find in your home is a rodent. While small and occasionally adorable, rodents tend to carry disease and can make a mess of your home, which is why rodent control is so popular in the area. When rodents build a nest in your home or backyard, they actively seek out food, water, and safety. In time, they’ll gnaw away at chunks of your home or electrical wiring and get into the food meant for your family. That’s typically how people get sick.

Thankfully, rodent control is relatively straightforward. Afterward, it’s easy to implement preventative techniques to keep rodents away from your property.

Rodent Control for Homeowners

When it comes to rodent control, understanding your enemy is key.

  • Warning Signs — When you have a rodent problem, there will be telltale warning signs around the home. These signs include scurrying sounds, squeaking, musky scents, burrows or evidence of gnawing or droppings.
  • Maintenance — A good way to keep rodents away from your home is through regular home repair and maintenance. If you notice a hole in the siding, seal it up. Then, eliminate outdoor water sources and keep lids on all trash cans kept outside.
  • Block Access — A lot of rodents do not climb into a home. Instead, they tunnel underneath. You can limit access for rodents by laying a row of paving stones flush with the exterior wall of your home. The farther a rodent must tunnel, the more likely they are to leave.
  • Food Storage — To avoid rodents getting into food supplies, learn how to store food properly. Use airtight containers in cabinets and heavy-duty garbage receptacles for trash and ensure foods stored in cabinets are difficult to reach.

Rodent Control

Scheduling rodent control for your home is a smart move if you suspect a problem. The service is broken down into three key strategies: sanitization, population control, and rodent proofing.

  • Sanitation — The sanitation phase focuses on eliminating shelters and food sources, cleaning droppings and keeping the home clean.
  • Population Control — Once rats discover food, water, and shelter, they attract other rodents. Population control will focus on eliminating the factors bringing new rodents to your doorstep and pushing away those already there.
  • Rodent Proofing — By eliminating entryways into the home, adding materials like wire screen to plug gaps, and keeping wiring tucked-away can help reduce how attractive your home is to rodents.

At the first sign of a rodent problem in or around your home, call NTX Best Pest. A large part of our business focuses on rodent control for homeowners and local businesses alike. Give us a call at 972-752-6706!


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