How Long Will a North Texas Pest Control Treatment Last?

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When you schedule pest control services, you expect them to work. You want active pest control for the foreseeable future, not for as long as the technician is at your home or office. But how long does pest control treatment truly last? It’s a tough question to answer. There are variables at play, including the insecticide used, the level of humidity, the type of pest, etc.

How Often Should You Schedule Pest Control Treatments?

If you’re suffering through a pest problem in your home, there’s never a bad time to schedule pest control treatments. After all, the longer a rodent problem or ant problem persists, the worse off it will be in the long run. Ants, like many pests, form a colony and settle down. If that colony winds up inside of your home, it will be much more difficult to eliminate. Then, you need to consider the area or the surface. Some nonporous surfaces, such as glass or stainless steel, do not soak up pesticides. As such, they require multiple pest control treatments to effectively treat the problem. Lastly, you must consider your living arrangements. If you live in a new home, there may be cracks or gaps in the foundation that let in pests. In an apartment, you don’t know what past tenants did to the building. It’s best to err on the side of caution.

Is It Necessary to Locate the Source of Your Pest Infestation?

Think of pests like mold. If you don’t find the source and eliminate it quickly, the spores will continue to spread and infect your home. The same goes for pests. If there is an ant colony or rodent nest beneath the floors, removing the few pests you find in the open still provides them with a safe base of operations.

Should You Spray for Insects or Fog for Insects?

It truly depends on the type of insect in your home. For instance, dealing with cockroaches typically means spraying insecticide in the immediate area. There will then be a few follow-up visits to reapply insecticides. Some types of insecticide come in the form of an aerosol fogger, however. With a fogger, there is no residue left behind after the initial use. It’s perfect for residential use. For today’s top pest control in North Texas, contact NTX Best Pest today. You can reach us at 972-752-6706!


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