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Ouch! What’s that sting?

Oh no! You’ve stepped in a fire ant mound. These little pests are known for their stinging bites that ache for days. While their bites are small, they can still leave behind unsightly marks.

You’ll want to act fast after fire ants bite you to get some relief! Check out our article for the best home remedies for fire ant bites.

Why Do Fire Ants Bite?

Like most other insects, fire ants bite humans whenever they feel threatened. If you step too close to their mound, a few worker ants may trek out to deliver warning bites to force you to back off. 

The imported fire ant is the most common fire ant species in Texas. This invasive species is hostile to other local insects and will fight anyone who strays too close! 

Fire ants even bite prey to keep them still as they inject their venom. Brutal!

What Does a Fire Ant Bite Feel Like?

So, what is in a fire ant’s bite that hurts so badly? Like how ants target their prey, a fire ant will bite ahold of your skin and then utilize its abdominal stinger to inject its venom, according to North Carolina State University. 

While the sensation differs depending on the host, a fire ant bite typically feels like a sharp, burning sting. Living up to their name, you may experience this burning sensation for a few minutes until it devolves into a slight itchy feeling. 

If you’ve been stung by multiple fire ants, your pain may intensify because of the sheer number of bites. Remember, these pests will bite ahold of your skin before injecting their venom, so you’ll have to deal with a sharp pinch and a slow-burning pain!

Are Fire Ant Bites Dangerous?

A few fire ant bites won’t cause significant harm to adults beyond general discomfort. However, several bites can induce problems down the road. Because fire ants can sting multiple times, a large hoard of angry pests could leave you riddled with hundreds of bites!

According to the University of Florida’s entomology department, the red imported fire ant’s venom is primarily alkaloid with “potent” toxicity. A fire ant’s bite results in painful, itchy white pustules that remain for one to two weeks. 

Fire ant bites may turn fatal if you’re allergic or receive a significant number of stings. Young children or small pets are also at risk of a severe reaction from multiple fire ant bites. Whenever you’ve been bitten, keep an eye out for these symptoms:

  • Hives
  • Nausea 
  • Instense Swelling
  • Breathing problems

Fire ant bites are no fun for anyone, so you’ll want to either turn to home remedies for fire ant bites or seek medical attention if you feel ill. Whenever you experience signs of an allergic reaction, consult with a doctor!

Home Remedies for Fire Ant Bites

Have a few days passed, and your fire ant bites are still itching and stinging? If you’re looking for the perfect treatment, we have the guide for you! Take a look at our favorite home remedies for fire ant bites. 

Thoroughly Wash the Bitten Area

Before you try any at-home opinion, clean the affected area with soap and water. Like most insect bites and stings, this will remove left-behind debris and wash off the remaining venom. 

As you continue to care for your bites, make sure to keep the wounds clean. Fire ant bites are incredibly itchy, so you may be tempted to scratch your skin raw to find some relief. Scratching could lead to infection if your wounds aren’t well taken care of, so always keep the bitten spots clean!

Apply an Ice Pack

To reduce the swelling and pain of fire ant bites, try applying an ice pack to find some relief. As one of the easier home remedies for fire ant bites on this list, you can pick anything out of your fridge to work as an ice pack if you don’t have a traditional packet. 

In place of a regular ice pack, try one of the following:

  • Frozen sponges
  • Cold or frozen water bottle 
  • Bag of frozen vegetables or fruit
  • A sock or glove filled with chilled rice 
  • Ice in a reusable bag or wrapped in a cloth

If you need an ice pack in a pinch, you can make reusable ice packs with small plastic bags, too! Grab some freezer bags and fill them with water and rubbing alcohol. For a quart-sized bag, use a cup of water and ½ cup of rubbing alcohol.

After combining everything, leave them in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Once they’re frozen, they’re one of the perfect home remedies for fire ant bites! 

Take an Oatmeal Bath

Wait, put your spoon down! Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast! 

Instead of spreading some sugar and cinnamon over your morning oatmeal, you can often utilize the oats for a calming bath. Oatmeal baths can soothe inflammation and irritation, and you may find some relief from the painful bites after a warm dip in your tub. 

Before you pour the container into your bath, we suggest using ground oatmeal to cut back on the mess. If you lack fine colloidal oatmeal powder, you can quickly whip some up in a blender. You can also fill a cheesecloth or other fine material with oatmeal and run your bath water over it until the oatmeal water saturates your tub. 

Try Over-the-counter Ointment or Medication 

While this isn’t a complete home remedy, you can also utilize store-bought medications to dull the pain of fire ant bites! Many antihistamine creams are specially formulated to treat painful bug bites. 

An antibiotic ointment can also prevent infection from setting in if you have numerous bites or if you struggle with scratching the itchy areas. Other lotions or oils can even calm inflammation and swelling. 

Can I Eliminate the Fire Ants in my Yard?

While these home remedies for fire ant bites can help after you’ve stumbled upon their ranks, you may want another solution to prevent getting hurt in the first place! Imported fire ants are a problem for many Texas homeowners, and these invasive pests are hard to get rid of on your own. 

There are many DIY options to remove fire ants, but you should keep in mind how aggressive these tiny pests are! Fire ants will attack anything they deem a threat, and they may take a few bites out of you as come near. 

Instead of constantly battling fire ants, give us a call! Here at NTX Best Pest, we can resolve your fire ant issues with our ant pest control services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a treatment!


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