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Sanger Texas is a booming city located just north of Denton and due west of Pilot Point on the west side of Ray Roberts Lake.  Each year more and more people are making their way to Texas in search of leisure and exceptional recreational activities.  Sanger has a strong financial tax base and offers many services to the community including financial institutions, churches of all denominations and a huge variety of retail outlets.  The students of Sanger Texas can participate in several civic organizations including the Scouts and 4-H, Rotary Clubs, Lions and the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.  If you enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, mountain biking, hiking or watersports, Sanger is located just minutes from Lake Ray Roberts!

Many new housing developments are popping up all around Sanger and NTX Best Pest is the chosen pest control company that does many Termite Pre-Treatments for one of the cities largest developers and builders.  If you live in Sanger or are thinking about moving to Sanger call NTX Best Pest for all your pest control and rodent management needs! Call to schedule your free home inspection.

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The city of Sanger which is located just north of Denton Texas was founded in 1886 as a stop along the Santa Fe Railroad.  Cattle from the local ranches of Denton County were driven up the cattle trails through Sanger to get to the northern markets.  The cattle industry of the prairies of north Denton County contributed to the founding of the town and the wheat farms contributed a big part to the city’s economy along with oats, maize, millet and cotton.  Santa Fe name Sanger to honor one of its best customers, the Sanger Family who owned many stores in Waco and Dallas.  The F.M. Ready family was the very first to settle in Sanger in October of 1887, the same year as the first engine and train caboose arrived.  The oldest continual business was the Wilson Lumber Company which was founded by Andy Marshall Wilson in the 1890’s and his son T.C. (Tilford Clifton Wilson), expanded the business and was the longest serving city councilman and mayor in the history of Sanger.  In 2001 the Wilson Lumber Company was sold by the Wilson family and was then on known as Denton County Building Supply.

Around 1920 the building of a state highway that connected Sanger and Dallas assisted in compensating for the declining rail business.  Cattle along with other livestock are raised around Sanger as well as several horse farms for the breeding and training of registered livestock.  Walmart opened a large distribution center in Sanger Texas that employees approximately 600 people.  The square in downtown Sanger is a thriving business epicenter that continues to grow at an expedited rate and is becoming the home of many new businesses.  The population of Sanger was 2,574 in 1980 which increased by 60.6% from 1970.   In 1990 the population was around 3,500 and now the current population is estimated to be around 7,000 residents.

Sanger’s public education is run under the Sanger Independent School District (SISD), an independent government.  Dr. Sandra McCoy-Jackson is the superintendent over the Sanger Public schools.  Sanger, Texas is home to 8 different schools.  They are Sanger High School, Linda Tutt High School, Sanger Middle School, Sanger 6th Grade Campus, Clear Creek Intermediate School, Butterfield Elementary School, Chisholm Trail Elementary, and Tenderfoot Child Development Center.  The City of Sanger works very closely with its partner school district (SISD) and has recently introduced a district wide initiative to integrate instructional technology with new effective teaching practices.   Currently Sanger Independent School District has a 1:1 student technology lending program for grades 8-12 and are increasing technology across all grades in the district.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Pest Control or Exterminator in Sanger Texas, contact NTX Best Pest today!  We provide fast service and guaranteed results with every single service.  Whether you are having spiders, termites, rodents, ants, mosquitos, or any other type of pest, NTX Best Pest has you covered.  We do it all and no job is too big or too small for NTX Best Pest.

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