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Plano is known as the City of Excellence.  Whether you are a current resident or just visiting, make your self at home in our beautiful city.  Plano, Texas started as a quiet little farming community and has grown to over 270,000 residents known for its smart people, amazing quality of life and impeccable job market.  It is also home to numerous Fortune 1000 Companies such as Capital One Finance, JC Penny, NTT Data, DXC Technology, Ericsson, Bank of America Home Loans, Frito-Lay and Toyota Motor North America along with many others.  Plano is the 9th largest city in Texas and the 4th largest in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Plano was named the #3 City to live in America – by MONEY Magazine in 2016 and was described as a “corporate center with small-town vibe.”  Plano also has the lowest crime rate of any Texas city and some of the lowest taxes in the region.  In 2010 Forbes published and article titled “America’s Safest Cities” which ranked communities based on the number of violent crimes as well as traffic fatalities.  Plano is often considered one of the “best run” and “safest” cities with a population over 250,000 residents.

If you call Plano “home” or are looking to relocate to Plano, Texas we look forward to serving you as we are one of the best pest control companies in Plano.  Our services are offered to all residential and commercial customers in Plano, no job is too big or too small for NTX Best Pest.  We back all our services with the 100% B.E.S.T. guarantee, if the pests come back so do we!  Need a free pest inspection?  Call us today at 214-585-6737 and we will have one of our pest experts to your location right away!  We even offer same day service in most cases!  We look forward to protecting your home or business from all the north Texas pests!

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Settlers from Europe came to the area near the now known as Plano, Texas in the early 1840s.  New facilities such as a sawmill, gristmill and a new store brought more and more people to the area. Plano was incorporated way back in June of 1873 which was six months after the Houston & Central Railroad opened which made the city the trading center of the farming community of southwest Collin County.  By 1847, the population of Plano had grown to more than 500 residents.  A large fire leveled most of the business district in 1881 and the town had to re-build and business again started to boom throughout the 1880s.  In 1881, the city also assumed responsibility for what is now known as the Plano Independent School District (PISD) which ended the days of it being served only by private institutions or schools.

After many years of slow growth, Plano reached 1,304 residents in 1900 and then on to 3,695 in 1960.  After World War II, Plano began to feel the “boom” some of its neighbors had felt in the years prior.  Several series of public works project went underway and a change in taxes that removed the farming community from the town helped to rev up the population.  Nearing 1970, the population grew to nearly 17,900 and by the fall of 1980 it had exploded to over 72,000 residents that called Plano their home.  Street development, new schools and sewer systems kept up pace with the massive increase of new residents.

Heading into the 1980’s several large corporations packed up and moved their headquarters to Plano which included J.C. Penny and Frito-Lay which encourage further growth for the city from other large companies.  In spring of 1994 the population had boomed to over 140,000 residents and was recognized as an “All American City” and by 2000 the population increased to over 222,000 people, making it one of Dallas’ Largest Suburbs.

Look forward to 2018 and Plano occupies approximately 72 square miles with a population of more than 270,000 residents that call it home.  Not that long-ago Plano was a sleepy, nearly forgotten downtown commercial center of a farming community covered up by Dallas’ suburban expansion.  The downtown area of Plano is now experiencing a renaissance and is reemerging  as a new urban center stimulated in part by the coming of a light rail transit system.  In downtown Plano alone there has been over 50,000 sqft of private development and over 1100 urban apartments built or approved to be built around the historic commercial and civic buildings that have been restored in the 80-acre area.

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