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Flower Mound, Texas is centrally located in North Texas near the DFW Metroplex and is a family-oriented community that takes pride in maintaining a small town feel while embracing economic growth and development for its current and future residents.  Flower Mound experienced unprecedented growth during the 1990’s and the town now actively promotes a burgeoning commercial development center around the Lakeside Business District.

Flower Mound is located on the shores of Grapevine Lake and offers many water activities such as shoreside parks, water-skiing, boating, fishing, camping, biking and many other outdoor activities.  If the weather turns against you there is plenty to do indoors as well, including painting while enjoying a glass of wine at Bottle and Bottega; head over to the shooting gallery for target practice; or you can take the kids to the local Play Street Museum.  Flower Mound is also trying to attract newcomers with ultra-high school graduation rates, reasonable home prices and the Riverwalk at Flower Mound which is a 158-acre pedestrian-friendly multi-use development that continues to open in many stages,

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FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS – Preserve our unique country atmosphere, heritage, and quality of life while cultivating a dynamic economic environment.

The settlement began around Flower Mound when the Presbyterians established a camp in the 1840s.  A log cabin dated back to 1850, was discovered within the walls of a home near Liberty Elementary in 2016.  By 1854, residents had established the Flower Mound Presbyterian Church which is southwest of Lewisville in an area referred to as “Long Prairie”.  By the 1920s the church had over 120 member and the building was expanded in 1937 to house more members.  Andrew Morriss and David Kirkpatrick were early settlers which now have several streets in their names.  In 196 the town voted to incorporate to get away from annexation from the city of Irving.  William Wilkerson became the town’s second mayor and let the incorporation effort to help improve the towns phone service and water supply.  In 1970 Flower Mound only had 1,685 residents, Edward S. Marcus and Raymond Nasher started a planned community project with $18,000,000 in loan guarantees from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development through their New Community Project called “Flower Mound New Town”.  The project marketed advertisements as late as 1974 but was abandoned after residents threatened to disannex a part of the town to throw off plans of the development.

With the construction of DFW International Airport in 1974 the town sparked rapid growth to over 50,000 residents by 1990.  Between 2000 and 2002 Flower Mound was the 9th fastest-growing municipal area in the United States and continued to grow by 5% each year between 2000 and 2006.

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