Bed Bug Prevention – Travel Tips

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If you are planning to stay in a motel or hotel, having these bed bug tips in the back of your mind will help prevent you taking some unwanted guests back home. It is very important that you take some precautions to be sure your room is bed bug free before you make yourself at home.

In a recent study by NPMA (National Pest Management Association), 75% of pest control professionals stated they have discovered bed bug infestations at a hotel or motel they have visited or serviced. The NPMA recommends following these quick tips for prevention bed bug infestations while traveling:

  • When staying at a hotel or motel the first thing you should do when you enter your room is pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, especially the corners for telltale stains or spots. If you see anything out of the ordinary you should contact management and change rooms or hotels immediately.
  • Check the entire room before unpacking any clothing or luggage as many times bed bugs can infest dressers, chairs, night stands and even the head boards of the bed. If any pests are spotted change rooms or hotels immediately.
  • Consider placing your luggage in a plastic bag or protective container during the duration of your stay to ensure that bed bugs do not make the trip home with you.
  • Bed Bugs travel and spread by hitching rides on clothing, linens, luggage and other items you are traveling with. After your trip be sure to thoroughly inspect your suitcases before taking them into your home. You may also want to vacuum or us a hand steamer on your luggage before storing it away.
  • When you have unpacked make sure to wash all clothing – even if they have not been worn. Use hot water and dry on high heat as this will kill any bed bugs that have made the trek back home with you.

Think you may have bed bugs? 
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